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Our Vision

Why we do this?

NAB Aquatica is dedicated to the preservation of the sea, which is why we encourage small group expeditions.  Our expeditions take place in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. Each time you dive with us, you will learn more about the unique role each of the encountered species has. You will have the chance to see sharks, whales, manta rays and many more ocean creatures.

Why Us?

A few reasons...

Unique Experience

A lot is included in our packages and each trip is personalized, which will make your experience unique and like no other. You pretty much decide the content of your trip by letting us know what you like to do, what you are into and how you like to spend your time, and we will make sure it all gets done.

The Ultimate Escape 

Our biggest partner is mother-nature itself. Our getaways are more than just excursions and could be totally life-changing to you. We will expose you to some once in a lifetime experiences that will help open your hearts, minds and souls to whole new windows and dimensions, where you will feel relieved, renewed and rejuvenated.

Best Price Guarantee

We will be more than happy to pay the difference in price if trips that are similar to ours are found cheaper. And we really mean it. Seriously, look things up online to have an idea on how much similar trip-packages will cost.

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